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Monday 18 Dec 2017
Individual Health Insurance

Health Insurance Plans For Your Specific Needs!

 “Most people prefer not to think of an unexpected accident or illness, but if you or a family member had an accident abroad; what would you do? Who would you turn to for help? How would you pay for the medical services? Do you really want to spend days or weeks in a public hospital ward, where most of the staff can’t speak English?”

You shouldn’t have to worry about unexpected accidents or illnesses. A medical emergency may require air evacuation, a sudden illness might need immediate attention by a qualified doctor, or your luggage may be lost or stolen. International health insurance coverage can help eliminate the obstacles of currency and language when seeking medical treatment, or need other traveling assistance. The international insurance policies offer multilingual customer service representatives, fast and efficient claims administrators who are working directly with the hospitals, and 24 hours a day emergency evacuation to the most suitable medical facility.

We offer a wide range of international health insurance plans from several top-rated insurance companies. Whether you’re traveling in a group, as an individual, on a short term, or long-term basis, we can find the most suitable plan to fit your specific needs.

The international market includes: U.S. citizens traveling or residing abroad, Non-U.S. citizens traveling or residing outside of their home countries, U.S.-based corporations with employees and families traveling or residing abroad, diplomats, missionaries, and students. Traveling internationally is an exciting experience, but you can also be faced with complicated situations. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you need a health insurance plan that will meet your specific needs. Being covered with a comprehensive health insurance plan from a top-rate insurance company is essential when traveling to foreign countries.


Reside health quote insurance




 Insurance Medical Benefits:

• Emergency air evacuation.
Doctor visits
Physical Exams
Up to $5,000,000 lifetime benefits


Traveling Benefits:

Lost luggage
Replacement of prescriptions
Translation services


Suitable for:

US professionals spending at least one year abroad.
US missionaries.
US long-term travelers.
Non-US Citizens traveling outside their country.
Non-US professionals working abroad.

“If you’re a US citizen, keep in mind that your domestic health insurance plan often have geographical exclusions and benefit limitations while you are outside of the US. It’s important to make sure you have sufficient health insurance coverage prior to your departure.”


Let us give you piece of mind! We are here to assist you. You’ll get assistance with the entire process from choosing the right plan and signing up, to claims processing. We are here to help you with your health insurance needs 24/7/365!


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