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Monday 18 Dec 2017
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Group Health Insurance

Do you speak the language? Who would you contact in an emergency medical situation? Traveling can quickly turn into a troublesome experience. You have enough to worry about,   in a foreign country, and medical insurance shouldn’t be one of them.”

As international employers seek to compete in global markets, the challenge of attracting and retaining qualified international employees can only be met with a comprehensive international group insurance program.  When an employee is working as an expatriate in a foreign country, or when you're employing a local national, it's really important they feel secure.

Knowing that the future of your business depends on the professionalism, and commitment of its workforce, you will want to fully protect your local and international staff with a high quality insurance plan. To deliver a first-class service to your customers, you need to attract and retain the most qualified and experienced people, either in their home country or as an expatriate.

Whether you are a US based organization with employees overseas, or a non-US organization employing expatriates, a dependable and cost effective international group insurance policy is a necessity.  Outside the United States, American employees find their traditional group benefit programs to be non-responsive, in benefits and in service, to the unique situations facing them as they seek healthcare abroad. 

International Insurance Net takes a tailored approach to our group insurance business and listens to the needs and wants of each group before developing a proposal. For this reason we do not offer a single standard group plan, but ask that all groups complete the group request for proposal form so that we can create a free, no obligation quotation based on your groups specific needs.

Short Term Coverage
International Insurance Net offers ideal short term solutions for international travel health insurance plans for your group that will provide comprehensive benefits at an affordable rate, (please see HTH Global Business Traveler below). For more short term group insurance options, please visit the Travel Insurance Group (hyper link) page on this site.

Long Term Coverage
International Insurance Net can also arrange and provide your group with a long term international health insurance plan, (please see Group Secure and Global HealthGuard below). 







Quote: Part 1, Part 2



Medical Benefits:
- Emergency air evacuation
- Hospitalization
- Doctor visits
- Prescriptions

Traveling Benefits:
- Lost luggage
- Translation services
- Trip Interruption
- Repatriation of Remains

Suitable for:
- US-groups traveling abroad.
- Non-US groups traveling outside their home country.
- Domestic firms, international & multinational corporations.
- Missionary and church groups.