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Monday 18 Dec 2017
Accident Insurance

Pre-Trip Health and Safety Advisories (available after your purchase of MAP, and before your departure)
– Call us for current passport, visa, inoculation and vaccine requirements, as well as up-to-date travel safety advisories.

Livetravel® Services – We will make emergency travel and itinerary changes for you including rebooking flights, hotel reservations and ground transportation arrangements.

BagTrak® – We are the industry leaders in tracking lost baggage. We will help you locate your lost baggage, and deliver it to you.

Emergency Message Relay – We will relay messages to your family, friends and co-workers, helping you to maintain contact during an emergency.

Emergency Cash Transfers – We will assist you in arranging and obtaining cash transfers.

Additional Services:
- Medical referrals
- Up-to-the-minute travel medical advisories
- Assistance with prescription drug replacement
- Dispatch of a doctor or specialist
- Emergency travel arrangements for family members
- Lost passport or travel documents assistance
- Embassy and consulate referrals

AM Best Company and ‘A’ (Strong) by Standard and Poor’s, Lloyd’s provides financial strength and security that is unparalleled in the worldwide insurance market. Lloyd’s is recognized as a market leader in the accident, health, and life insurance arena and is well known for its innovative products and services. Literally millions of people, in almost every country of the world, rely on Lloyd’s for their insurance needs.

- Legal and accounting referrals
- Bail bond assistance
- Translation and interpretation assistance MultiNational Accident Plan Travel Assistance Services are not insurance benefits and provision of any Assistance Service is not a guarantee of any other benefit under the MultiNational Accident Plan.

Suitable for:
- Businesses or organizations protecting against the loss of a key employee
- Individuals traveling abroad into unfamiliar areas, whether for business or pleasure
- Individuals taking recreational excursions with a greater exposure to risk
- Students and faculty traveling on educational trips
- Individuals traveling into high-risk areas of the world
- Travelers wishing to supplement an existing policy



MultiNational Accident Plan (MAP)